Welcome ! This is a blog for people who want to be a friend of Wincobank Hill, for those who are fascinated, curious or concerned about the unique hill fort set high above Sheffield's Don Valley, encircled by ancient woodland that conceals the mysteries of history.

Who was here and why? Did they live, work or keep watch here? What part did this place play in the politics of an emerging nation? Was this the cradle of the British metal industry? And where was the water?

So many people are beginning to retell their stories, ask good questions and make suggestions that it's time to share what is happening ....

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Children's University goes wild on Wincobank

Wild Woodlanders from Concord Junior School spent their October half-term holiday learning about the mystery and history of Wincobank Hill.

Under the guidance of forest school leaders Lauren Stevens and Paul Fieldhouse, the children built shelters, cooked food, and played games designed to help them appreciate the amazing contrast between the built environment of their nearby homes and the natural resource of the woodland.

When asked how visitors to the hill could best protect the site they answered without hesitation "Leave no trace". And now they are gone. Only the tiny camouflaged homes of their pebble people remain.
Can you spot them amongst the trees?

Thursday, 7 October 2010

John Collis talks at Wincobank

You had to be there to see what was on the screen and even for those who were there the screen could have been bigger - but thanks to Hannah we did at least have one and so the fascinating talk by Professor John Collis could go ahead.

He cleverly led us back in time to imagine the many possible scenes we may have beheld over two thousand years ago on Wincobank Hill by describing what has been found in similar sites elsewhere in Europe. Professor Collis made it clear that at present neither he nor any other archaeologist can more than speculate about the purposes and practices of these early inhabitants, and so the tantalising thought of what could lie below the surface makes the prospect of a Time Team excavation all the more exciting.

Soon the intriguing question of who lived up there and why, might come one step closer to being answered.