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Who was here and why? Did they live, work or keep watch here? What part did this place play in the politics of an emerging nation? Was this the cradle of the British metal industry? And where was the water?

So many people are beginning to retell their stories, ask good questions and make suggestions that it's time to share what is happening ....

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sheffield Castle

Usually you can expect to find dungeons in a castle - but not a castle in a dungeon. Unless you are in Sheffield. Big Ron Clayton is a freedom fighter for Sheffield Castle and is intent that it will see daylight once more. The plan to move Castle Market to The Moor means that there is a possibility that the dream may soon come true.
In principle, we are told, Sheffield City Council supports the proposal to expose the ruins and create a memorial park. Councillors from across the political divide support the plan. But who will pay? Where is the good fairy, benefactor or commercial entrepreneur who will invest in a beautiful new development that returns the pride to the city and daylight to these ancient stones. Somebody out there has the commitment and the resources to put Sheffield back on the world map. There is a wonderful story to tell, such rich heritage. Come on - don't be shy - everything is possible. Just get talking - ask to see the ruins - tell others - do some research - spread the word - the Castle is awakening. The Castle will escape.