Welcome ! This is a blog for people who want to be a friend of Wincobank Hill, for those who are fascinated, curious or concerned about the unique hill fort set high above Sheffield's Don Valley, encircled by ancient woodland that conceals the mysteries of history.

Who was here and why? Did they live, work or keep watch here? What part did this place play in the politics of an emerging nation? Was this the cradle of the British metal industry? And where was the water?

So many people are beginning to retell their stories, ask good questions and make suggestions that it's time to share what is happening ....

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Things that go... bump!

There were strange goings on today on Wincobank Common. Stories to be told, flying ghosts, some truly frightful face-painting and crunchy toffee apples, delicious and sufficiently sticky to give a dentist nightmares.

The sun was shining and families came from up around and abouts to join in the fun. Little witches and wizards, Dracula, a portly Friar Tuck and a scattering of skeletons turned up to make their own lucky broomsticks, to learn to juggle and thensip hot chocolate around the
cosy fire.

Many thanks to the Park and Woodland Ranger Team, Storyteller Andy Messers, The Great Mostachio from Greentop Circus, Anna-Mercedes Wear for her creepy crafts and especially the volunteers from Friends of Wincobank Hill who were first to arrive and last to leave. A wonderful autumn afternoon was had by all.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Down our way

At our last meeting we were taken on a fascinating tour down memory lane with Wendy Booth, a local resident who has lived in her house since it was built in 1962. Overlooking the Don Valley, Wendy has seen the view from her window change greatly over the years as heavy industry has given way to commerce and entertainment.

Each slide was greeted with appreciation as individual memories flooded back and the last half hour of the meeting was taken up with anecdotes and debate prompted by sights unseen for sometime. We were all touched to see once more the twin towers of Tinsley, for so long the landmark for travellers speeding past Sheffield on the motorway. Now the towers are no more, just look to the east of the motorway and northward to see Wincobank Hill standing guard over the Don Valley. Indestructible.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sandstone Road

Many local residents and Friends of Wincobank Hill and have raised concerns about a proposal to build a further 38 dwellings on the land along this muddy track at the end of Sandstone Road, past the reservoir, below the Scheduled Monument of Wincobank Hill.

There are many and various reasons why this development should not proceed and FoWH are particularly concerned about the possibility that the building work will not only change the character of the hill but may irrecoverably damage the remains of the earthwork known as Roman Ridge.

At present there is a controlled investigation of the site and we have received many calls for information. As further details are provided they will be posted on this blog or the website so please keep checking both from time to time.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sheffield Castle

Usually you can expect to find dungeons in a castle - but not a castle in a dungeon. Unless you are in Sheffield. Big Ron Clayton is a freedom fighter for Sheffield Castle and is intent that it will see daylight once more. The plan to move Castle Market to The Moor means that there is a possibility that the dream may soon come true.
In principle, we are told, Sheffield City Council supports the proposal to expose the ruins and create a memorial park. Councillors from across the political divide support the plan. But who will pay? Where is the good fairy, benefactor or commercial entrepreneur who will invest in a beautiful new development that returns the pride to the city and daylight to these ancient stones. Somebody out there has the commitment and the resources to put Sheffield back on the world map. There is a wonderful story to tell, such rich heritage. Come on - don't be shy - everything is possible. Just get talking - ask to see the ruins - tell others - do some research - spread the word - the Castle is awakening. The Castle will escape.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Star-crossed Queen of the Brigantes?

Wincobank is more star studded than ever now that the latest ‘Journeys to Hidden Places’ artwork has been installed. The Star-Crossed Queen is a giant star map set into the hillside showing the polar constellations which are visible all year round in the northern hemisphere. The ‘Queen’ has been installed near to the site of the Roman Ridge, which may have been built by the Brigantes, a Celtic tribe who collaborated with the Romans. Roz Norsworthy, local resident and member of the Friends of Wincobank Hill group, said: “Wincobank Common and Hill are two of the main reasons I came to live in this area, and it’s great to see them being improved and promoted so that future generations can continue to enjoy them. The Star-Crossed Queen really celebrates the rich history of this area, and is a wonderful addition.” This green space is also very near to a scheduled monument, an iron age hill fort. The fort is the only one in England in an urban setting, making it an important heritage site. Exploring the history of Wincobank, the artists discovered that Cartimandua was the Queen of the Brigantes in the area. According to a fascinating account,* instead of engaging in warfare, Cartimandua cooperated with the Romans to keep the peace. Supposedly, when she then divorced her husband and married his armour bearer instead, the Brigantes tribe revolted against her which the Romans used as an opportunity to take over.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Tidy Team

Many thanks to all who turned out to tidy up Wincobank Common last Thursday but what a shame that we managed to pile high a skip with the rubbish that had been dropped. It was staggering to see the quantity of cans, crisp packets and pop bottles that had blown into the trees.
It's lovely to see that the area is well used but what is to be done to persuade people to take their litter home?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What do you know about old Wincobank?

ArcHeritage are working with the Friends of Wincobank Hill to draw together all existing knowledge about the area. We have a month to track down material held in archives, libraries, museums and under beds. All this research will be written up as a Desk Based Assessment as part of our campaign to entice TV's Time Team to explore the Hill Fort this summer. We are keen to discover unreported finds, old photos and memoires about the Hill Fort, Wincobank Woods, Wincobank Hall, Wincobank Chapel, the history of the Flower Estate and Sandstone Estate. We would also like to hear about anything relating to WWII and the anti-aircraft gun. If you would like to contribute information , please contact us through our website. http://www.wincobankhill.btik.com/ Thank you.