Welcome ! This is a blog for people who want to be a friend of Wincobank Hill, for those who are fascinated, curious or concerned about the unique hill fort set high above Sheffield's Don Valley, encircled by ancient woodland that conceals the mysteries of history.

Who was here and why? Did they live, work or keep watch here? What part did this place play in the politics of an emerging nation? Was this the cradle of the British metal industry? And where was the water?

So many people are beginning to retell their stories, ask good questions and make suggestions that it's time to share what is happening ....

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Things that go... bump!

There were strange goings on today on Wincobank Common. Stories to be told, flying ghosts, some truly frightful face-painting and crunchy toffee apples, delicious and sufficiently sticky to give a dentist nightmares.

The sun was shining and families came from up around and abouts to join in the fun. Little witches and wizards, Dracula, a portly Friar Tuck and a scattering of skeletons turned up to make their own lucky broomsticks, to learn to juggle and thensip hot chocolate around the
cosy fire.

Many thanks to the Park and Woodland Ranger Team, Storyteller Andy Messers, The Great Mostachio from Greentop Circus, Anna-Mercedes Wear for her creepy crafts and especially the volunteers from Friends of Wincobank Hill who were first to arrive and last to leave. A wonderful autumn afternoon was had by all.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Down our way

At our last meeting we were taken on a fascinating tour down memory lane with Wendy Booth, a local resident who has lived in her house since it was built in 1962. Overlooking the Don Valley, Wendy has seen the view from her window change greatly over the years as heavy industry has given way to commerce and entertainment.

Each slide was greeted with appreciation as individual memories flooded back and the last half hour of the meeting was taken up with anecdotes and debate prompted by sights unseen for sometime. We were all touched to see once more the twin towers of Tinsley, for so long the landmark for travellers speeding past Sheffield on the motorway. Now the towers are no more, just look to the east of the motorway and northward to see Wincobank Hill standing guard over the Don Valley. Indestructible.