Welcome ! This is a blog for people who want to be a friend of Wincobank Hill, for those who are fascinated, curious or concerned about the unique hill fort set high above Sheffield's Don Valley, encircled by ancient woodland that conceals the mysteries of history.

Who was here and why? Did they live, work or keep watch here? What part did this place play in the politics of an emerging nation? Was this the cradle of the British metal industry? And where was the water?

So many people are beginning to retell their stories, ask good questions and make suggestions that it's time to share what is happening ....

Saturday, 9 March 2013

University Challenge

.   Climbing Wincobank Hill was a misty and mysterious experience for 30 students from the University of Sheffield who were out on a visit as part of their Heritage,  Place and Community Module.
On arrival at nearby Upper Wincobank Chapel, they were given a brief introduction to the history of the area and an outline of the challenge of trying to engage all  local residents in preserving and protecting the heritage through activity that includes and benefits all sections of the community.  After a walk through the woods and around the perimeter of the hill fort the group returned to the chapel where they shared their ideas on how to make the most of the site and find a win-win solution to some of the major issues such as the traditional, albeit illegal use of the site for off road motor cycles.  There were some really thoughtful suggestions made and it is to be hoped that some of the students will opt to use Wincobank Hill as the subject of their case study and share their work with us.  A lovely group - please come again.

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